Breeding Schnoodles is our joy! We truly enjoy every aspect of bringing Schnoodles into the world and finding perfect homes for them. Our newborn pups know us from Day One. They are socialized, spoiled, loved little pups while they are with us. As they grow, we try to determine each one's personality and temperament. This helps us match the right family with the right pup.

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Looking for a retirement home for Delilah. After much thought and consideration (more for Delilah than my own heart) we feel she would be happier in a home with more time and personal attention. She is a true ‘gentle giant’. [More info….]

Mini Sch-news


Jolie (and Kasey) had her babies - 2 boys and 2 girls. All of these puppies have been sold, thank you! See pictures and information here.

If you would like to APPLY FOR A FUTURE PUPPY please do so HERE. A deposit is required to be on the litter list.

Giant Sch-news


Hannah had seven babies 04/16/2015. All have been sold, they'll be ready to go home 2nd week in June. See pictures and more information here.

To APPLY FOR A GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPY please do so HERE. A deposit is required to be on the litter list.

Esther and Hannah will have Fall litters which should be ready to go home November/December 2015. We are now accepting applications and deposits.

Essential Oils

Essential oils promote wellness naturally through the regenerative, and immune strengthening properties of plants. Ask me about dogs and essential oils here →

New Schnoodle Families

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With Great Sadness

♥ In loving memory of Nittany, 7/10/2007 - 4/26/2014.
♥ In loving memory of Nicki, 4/10/2001 - 5/25/2015.

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