Breeding Schnoodles is our joy! We truly enjoy every aspect of bringing Schnoodles into the world and finding perfect homes for them. Our newborn pups know us from Day One. They are socialized, spoiled, loved little pups while they are with us. As they grow, we try to determine each one's personality and temperament. This helps us match the right family with the right pup.

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Giant Sch-news

Delilah (and Sampson) had their puppies! All have been adopted - thank you! See pictures here.

Apply for the next litter, to adopt a giant schnoodle of your very own!

Mini Sch-news

Sasha and Kasey's puppies were born May 1st. They have all been adopted, thank you! See pictures here - such cuties!!!

Sophia and Tuxedo had their parti schnoodle puppies May 6th! They have all been adopted, thank you! See pictures here .

New Schnoodle Families

Visit us on Facebook to see all of our new Mini and Giant Schnoodle puppy families.

Meet Sophia

She is a AKC registered pure-parti schnauzer. Born in January 2013. She came out of sunny Florida as a birthday gift for Renee in 2013. [click here for more information & pictures.]


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