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About Rikka

Rikka’s full name is Rikka Diamond Pierce. Rikka is a full black mini-Schnauzer with a champion pedigree. She comes from the Sedor Kennel at Rodes Farm in West Virginia.

Rikka was born November 21, 2004 and came to live with us on January 8, 2005. She has a perky personality and is very smart. When she came to live with us, her weight was 3.9 pounds and she promptly went about making her self right at home, running around like she’d always been a part of the family!

Rikka now weighs 20 pounds. She had her first litter in December of 2005. Her puppies are always gorgeous, fluffy soft black babies. (She has incredibly soft fur!)

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winter 2011

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